Best Place to Play Pinball


If the Seattle Pinball Museum in the International District somehow lucked its way into a liquor license, it would take this honor. But because it hasn't, probably never will, and also doesn't serve the city's best vegan, Chicago-style hot dog, the slipper best fits Shorty's, Seattle's clown-and-carnival-themed pinball mecca. Shorty's has more games than any other Seattle bar (between 15 and 18, depending on what's out of service at the time), and also more history—as the host of an annual, two-day tournament since 1988, when the runner-up was legendary rock producer Steve Albini. Hang out long enough in the narrow, dimly lit Belltown bar and you're likely to see some of the world's top players, along with the men who chronicle their latest high scores: Brad and Gordon, Shorty's regulars and the foul-mouthed scribes behind Skillshot—which, if such a category existed, would win the Best Seattle Pinball Zine award every year. CALEB HANNAN 2222 Second Ave., #A, 441-5449,

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