Best Place to Get Fatter

Red Mill Burgers

Bales of bacon. That's the sight and smell that stays with you after a visit to either of Seattle's two Red Mill locations, in Interbay and Phinney Ridge. So many sandwiches come topped with bacon that the kitchen fries the stuff by the basketful. And there it sits on a counter, visible from the line leading to the register, glistening with grease like some edible monolith erected to appease the God of obesity. When true gluttony calls, order a double bacon deluxe with cheese: a half-pound of beef topped with thick strips of black-pepper bacon, a thick slice of Tillamook cheddar, and a brilliantly green lettuce leaf that stands out like a vegetarian in a tribe of cannibals. Add a side of onion rings and wash it all down with a milkshake. Then sit back and listen closely before you nod off into a saturated fat- and calorie-induced coma, because that sound you hear is your arteries hardening. (Or is it the bacon sizzling?) KEEGAN HAMILTON 1613 W. Dravus St., 284-6363; 312 N. 67th St., 783-6362.

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