Best Place to Drown Your Sorrows

The Golden City Lounge

The Golden City Lounge, a dismal dive attached to a Chinese restaurant in Ballard, is affectionately referred to by locals as The Golden Shitty. Completely separate from the eatery next door, the bar has no windows, just the glow from a few dim lamps and a TV that's always tuned to sports. The haunt of the last blue-collar workers left in Ballard—fishermen, roughnecks, and stevedores—and a colorful assortment of degenerates, miscreants, and hipsters, Golden is the kind of place where you order a shot and a beer, put Hank on the jukebox, and slowly drink your misery into oblivion. KEEGAN HAMILTON 5518 20th Ave. N.W., 782-6809

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