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Read All About It

After 32 years and what was supposed to be the death of the newspaper industry, the Read All About It newsstand in the entryway to Pike Place Market is alive and thriving with not only newspapers, but all those imperiled magazines that were also supposed to have disappeared in the digital age. Owner Lee Lauckhart, who launched the stand with then-partners Steve Dunnington and Seby Mahmias in 1979, says sales have remained strong despite the availability of much of the same information for free on the web. Featuring an array of local publications, popular magazines, and foreign papers and periodicals, the stand is a colorful sentry to the Market and celebrates its birthday every decade with a memorable party that include remembrance of some of the area’s street characters, including Eddie Spaghetti, Art Bauder and his dog Toto, Nick the wise guy, Mr. Wonderfreeze, and “Manuel, drunk in our neighborhood for 30 years.” RICK ANDERSON 93 Pike St., 624-0140

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