Best Newspaper Reporter

Ken Armstrong

Ken Armstrong is the Big Story go-to guy at The Seattle Times, and for good reason. The four-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and ex-Chicago Tribune reporter is an experienced investigator, fast on his feet, drafting news stories with a writer's voice. Winner of the 2009 John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism, honoring career achievement, Armstrong is frequently the lead reporter on the paper's flood-the-zone coverage of major stories, such as its in-depth follow-up reporting on cop killer Maurice Clemmons, which led to a 2010 staff Pulitzer Prize and the book The Other Side of Mercy, co-authored by Armstrong and Jonathan Martin. Armstrong teamed with Nick Perry in 2008 to report on the crime wave created by players on the 2000 University of Washington Rose Bowl-winning football team, also leading to a book, Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime, and Complicity, written with Perry, that won the 2011 Edgar Award for best fact crime book. Most recently, he and Maureen Hagen teamed to tell the tale of a once-renowned forensic psychologist who, it turns out, built his career on hypocrisy and lies. All were stories important to keeping the paper's readers informed and reminding them that, among today's aggregated celeb-and-kittens "news," solid journalism lives. RICK ANDERSON

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