Best Neighborhood Bar (City)

Pioneer Square Saloon

What's the best way to prevent a bar from being overrun by obnoxious, novice drunks on the make? Dogmatism, baby. Start by not serving hard liquor; that weeds out all but the most patient drinkers. Follow that by devoting all but one (Pabst) of a dozen or so tap handles to local microbreweries, thus eradicating Budweiser and Coors Light devotees. Also, don't serve any food except for popcorn, play indie rock instead of Top 40, and treat old guys with beards who like to loiter for hours over five beers and a book like they're the hottest girl in the bar. Welcome to the Pioneer Square Saloon, which provides daily evidence that a neighborhood too often dismissed as a drunken playground for interlopers has a very cool, creative sense of community. MIKE SEELY 75 Yesler Way, 628-6444

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