Best Museum Exhibit

Nick Cave's "Meet Me at the Center of the Earth"

The Picasso show may have boasted lines until midnight and seas of striped sailor shirts, but Nick Cave's "Meet Me at the Center of the Earth" brought something to SAM that most exhibits can't—the chance to be part of the exhibit itself. Cave's "Soundsuit Invasions" brought his most mobile creations out of the museum and into Seattle's streets, libraries, shops, and events. Both kids and adults were encouraged to create and don their own soundsuits and take part in parades, all of which undoubtedly spurred more visits to the museum. The physical exhibit featured striking bodysuits armored with everyday objects (macrame plant hangers, Beanie Babies, old metal toys, ceramic birds, sticks, and buttons), many of which most people consider throwaway—though obviously not Cave. ZIBBY WILDER 1300 First Ave., 654-3100,

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