Best Local Girl Made Good

Anne Rosellini

Mercer Island and the Ozarks of southwestern Missouri might as well be on different planets. Yachts, mansions, and old Seattle money characterize the former, while the latter is defined by mobile homes, pickup trucks, and hordes of meth-cooking hillbillies. Anne Rosellini is perhaps all the two places have in common. A 42-year-old native of the affluent Lake Washington isle, Rosellini is the co-writer and producer of Winter's Bone, the brilliant screen adaptation of Daniel Woodrell's novel about a tenacious teenage girl from the Ozarks whose life is upended by the disappearance of her meth-making father. Rosellini, a cousin twice removed of former Gov. Albert Rosellini, earned two well-deserved Academy Award nominations for her work on the film, including one for Best Picture. And though she now makes her home in Brooklyn, Rosellini has left a lasting legacy in Seattle, founding the 1 Reel Film Festival in 1996 and helping program the Seattle International Film Festival for several years. KEEGAN HAMILTON

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