Best Local Girl Gone Bad

Christine Gregoire

Christine Gregoire's not a bad person, but she's been a terrible governor. For two terms, her party has controlled all chambers in Olympia, and she hasn't a single substantive accomplishment to show for it, other than a chickenshit veto that sent the medical-marijuana movement into total disarray. Granted, she's had to deal with historically difficult budgetary burdens, but even before then, she was afraid to take on the likes of notorious gear-gummers like Tim Eyman and Frank Chopp. A fine attorney general, she's got the legal and political acumen to land a decent job in the Obama administration once her lame-duck tenure is up, but so did Gary Locke. Could it be that our state capital is where promising Democrats go to extinguish future electoral aspirations? Apparently so, but it'd be a lot cooler if they went down swinging. MIKE SEELY

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