Best Local Album of the Past 12 Months

My Goodness

It could be argued that the world needs another blues-based drum-and-guitar duo about as badly as Casey Anthony needs another moment in the spotlight. But guitarist/vocalist Joel Schneider and drummer Ethan Jacobsen of My Goodness are only killing audiences in a good way these days. Their eponymous debut (released in April by Sarathan Records) reignites the formula that made the White Stripes and Black Keys household names with the tinder of post-punk influences like Fugazi, and expands its narrow parameters with Schneider's sky-scraping, jazz-trained vocals. While jams like "I've Got a Notion" and "C'mon Doll" are ear candy, it's the quiet closer "Lost in the Soul" that hints at the prospect of more subdued shading on their sophomore release. HANNAH LEVIN

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