Best Karaoke Host

"Karaoke Steve" Moselle

For almost 20 years, "Karaoke Steve" Moselle has quietly reigned over Seattle's spotty yet strangely obsessive karaoke scene. From way back when at the now-obliterated Sunset Lanes, Karaoke Steve's longtime stints have spanned the city and now include regular Wednesdays at Molly Maguire's and Sundays at the Twilight Exit. He may not have the fanciest equipment or blast the latest Lady Gaga anthem, but he rocks it old-school, with a diverse, quality catalog of songs, a faithful (sometimes rabid) following, and a friendly smile that will ease even the most terrified of tenors onto the stage. If you haven't had the pleasure of being welcomed to the mike by "the lovely and talented" Karaoke Steve, then you really haven't experienced true Seattle karaoke. ZIBBY WILDER

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