Best Karaoke

Red Onion Tavern

Friday and Saturday nights at the Red Onion Tavern once constituted the best karaoke party in Seattle, and it was all because of their KJ, Baby Van Beezly. She wasn't just the host, she was the entertainment. People went just to watch her perform. Most of the popular KJs in this town are men, and while many sing great and breathe a lot of life into a karaoke night, none of them are capable of doing the sexy things Van Beezly does onstage. The first time I saw her sing was on a Saturday. She climbed onto a table in the middle of a packed room and poured a full pitcher of water all over herself, recreating the famous scene from Flashdance. That performance changed my life. She's recently moved down the street to the Attic, where she's working her magic on Friday nights. JEFF ROMAN 4226 E. Madison St., 323-3131,

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