Best Jukebox

Linda's Tavern

Not too long ago, you could walk into just about any bar and instantly get a sense of what the place was like simply by slipping a few quarters into the jukebox and perusing the record selection. It was sort of like judging a suitor based on the 15 songs he or she compiled for you on a mixtape. Of course, all that changed with the invention of the Internet jukebox. Sure it's convenient to have every song in the history of mankind available with just a few clicks on a touch screen, but it's also stripped more than a few bars of their individuality. Luckily, Linda's Tavern ain't one of those places. It still has an old-school jukebox with a collection of CDs as diverse as its clientele. From the Misfits to Motown, Sonic Youth to Sir Mix-a-Lot, Alice Cooper to Arcade Fire, it's got something for everyone, as long as you have good taste. KEEGAN HAMILTON 707 E. Pine St., 325-1220,

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