Best Hair on a News Anchor

Dan Lewis

In June, when KOMO anchor Dan Lewis was inducted into the regional Emmy's Silver Circle, the prestigious club honoring media celebs who've worked for more than a quarter-century, the 12-time golden-statuette winner gave an emotional acceptance speech that culminated with him thanking God for his brain, his voice, and finally for his hair. The 'do Lewis then ran his hands through—much to the delight of the woo-hoo!-ing black-tie crowd—has changed over the years, but his hairline hasn't. (Lucky for him, because the bald-anchor barrier, unlike its color compatriot in baseball, might never be broken.) Where Lewis once had an auburn wave crashing across his forehead, he now sports the sensibly short salt-and-pepper buzz you might see on a small-town sheriff in a Lifetime original movie. In other words, Lewis' scalp, or at least the stuff growing out of it, projects authority, an important follicle feature to have when it's your job to deliver the news, good, bad, or otherwise. CALEB HANNAN

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