Best Grocery You Didn't Know Was a Grocery

Cost Plus World Market

It's not all wicker patio furniture, remaindered housewares, and framed posters of wine bottles at Belltown's Cost Plus World Market. Taking up a sizable corner of the place are several aisles of actual wine bottles, plus a circum-global selection of stuff you likely won't find elsewhere: jarred bockwurst, Portuguese sardines, seaweed rice crackers, rhubarb-and-ginger preserve, ready-to-eat packets of palak paneer, black-truffle oil, olives stuffed with habanero-jack cheese, yard-long tubes of popcorn, and rainbow-striped pasta for your next Pride Weekend dinner. Not to mention salsas, tabouleh, marzipan fruit, spotted dick, a wall of teas, and something called Fentiman's Curiosity Cola. It makes Whole Foods and Trader Joe's look about as exotic and glamorous as a Renton Safeway. GAVIN BORCHERT 2103 Western Ave., 443-1055,

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