Best Farmer's Market

Ballard Farmer's Market

Nearly every Seattle neighborhood has its own farmers market. Some are crushed into parking lots, some burst with antiques, and some are open on weekdays, offering a midday respite from the office. But for home cooks and locavores, the year-round Ballard market reigns supreme, thanks to its dedicated focus on produce. Open every Sunday on old Ballard Avenue no matter the weather (according to the market's blog,, "It is more reliable than the Post Office"), the market offers plenty of potatoes and squash during the colder months, but really comes alive in spring and summer with crisp green asparagus, golden ears of corn, freshly caught salmon, fat melons, and tomatoes. And thanks to its gem of a location, you can preface your shopping with brunch at Bastille and cap it with a beer at Hattie's Hat, a market ritual not unlike Sunday-morning church, only more fun. ERIN K. THOMPSON

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