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Phillip's Cleaners

Sure, your dry cleaner gets the tough stains out of your clothes, but does he invite you to his parties? Phillip Lee, owner of Phillip's Cleaners, is a feisty friend to all his customers, as quick to make a crack about the number of times you spilled wine on your dress as he is to fix the damage. The Korean native worked on Capitol Hill for more than a decade before opening his namesake business in 2007, and it's no surprise his clientele followed him to his new location. Lee not only cleans clothes, he restores them, tightening loose buttons and removing pesky pet hairs by hand when necessary. The pride he takes in his work is obvious, but it's his charming personality that makes your visit a pleasure instead of a chore. And if you come often enough, you might just get an invite to his next big bash. ERIKA HOBART 1000 E. Madison St., 328-1100

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