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A few things set Hazlewood apart from other establishments with "prohibition" on their menu: accessibility, originality, and lack of pretension. A fruity-drink enthusiast can show up with a booze-and-bitters type and neither will be disappointed. Libations like Marguerite's Punch, a pineapple/almond/rum concoction far better than standard tropical emetics, share a menu with old classics like the Sazerac and originals like the Edith Macefield (rye, Punt e Mes, and Aperol). All will be prepared with skill, precision, and respect for old-style craft, and none will be more than $10. Hazlewood is laid-back enough to have a "house-endorsed shot" (Hussong's tequila with a sugar-and-coffee-coated lime), yet classy enough to add a truffle and a Nat Sherman cigarette as accessories to their eponymous signature cocktail. SARAH ANNE LLOYD 2311 N.W. Market St., 783-0478

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