Best Dim Sum

Jade Garden

A hungry chap ambling through the International District can walk into Jade Garden be seated at a table, and have five different piping-hot Cantonese delicacies plopped in front of him, all in under three minutes. But it's not the lightning-fast service that earns Jade Garden the win for best dim sum in town—it's the attention to detail and the bang for the buck. Jade Garden is not a "fancy" Chinese restaurant. Items on its dim sum trays cost $1-$5 apiece. But the quality one gets for this price is unmatched. The dumplings are hot, flavorful, and packed with stuff like scallops, pork, shrimp, and chives; the breaded calamari is crispy and light; the Haam Sui Gok "footballs" are packed with porky goodness; and the honey-walnut prawns are sweet and succulent. Just don't try and talk too much to the waitresses. They have no idea what you're saying. CURTIS CARTIER 424 Seventh Ave S., 622-8181

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