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Cupcake Royale

My grandpa is 90, impossibly healthy, and doesn't do a lot of baking. On a recent visit, I brought him a half-dozen of Cupcake Royale's finest, with the intention of sharing a few and taking the rest to a cousin. Grandpa picked his poison—Triple Threat, I believe, which is all chocolate, all the time—and finished it in short order. He then took his spoon and scraped the paper wrapper, not letting a single crumb or frosting smudge go to waste. He did the same with my grandma's paper wrapper too. After a brief pause, I suggested we quit fooling and go for another round. Grandpa obliged, enjoyed his second, and then took his spoon to the wrapper yet again. Has there ever been a better endorsement of a cupcake? I don't think so. CHRIS KORNELIS Various locations,

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