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Glen Milner

Mild-mannered Lake Forest Park electrician Glen Milner has been protesting government tyranny for at least half of his 60 years, much of that spent motoring out into Elliott Bay—the Coast Guard in close pursuit—to protest the arrival of the nuclear fleet for Seafair. He's also one to write letters asking the government to verify its claims, or 'fess up to what it won't admit. Those public-record requests include one from years ago that turned into a lawsuit: Milner had to sue the U.S. Navy over the public's right to know whether Port Townsend was in danger from an explosion at Naval Magazine Indian Island. That the Navy wouldn't say was evidence enough, but Milner wanted to see the documents. And now, thanks to a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in March, he will: The Navy must release its secret details about Indian Island storage practices, including data showing how far apart the munitions are stored. Should one go off, will the others follow? And will scenic Port Townsend be blown off the visitors' map? Thanks to Milner, we may soon find out, and have time to do something about it. RICK ANDERSON

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