Best Cheap Thrill

Smarty Pants

In Mike Myers' and Dana Carvey's 1992 seminal slacker film Wayne's World, the two financially challenged protagonists get their kicks in all sorts of ways. Perhaps the most memorable diversion Wayne and Garth partake of is sitting on the roof of their AMC Pacer near the airport and watching airplanes scream toward a landing a few dozen feet above their heads. So what better way to find a cheap thrill in Seattle (a city world-famous for its jets) than to recreate that famous scene? But rather than choosing a secluded spot near the runway to park your car (and probably get accused of being a terrorist and arrested), we recommend finding a more comfortable place to watch the planes—preferably somewhere that serves alcohol and food at reasonable prices. Such a place exists. It's called Smarty Pants, it's located in Georgetown, just north of Boeing Field, and one can park his or her ass on the patio, order a frosty beer and a juicy burger, and watch Seattle's "Jet City" namesakes roar overhead at only a slightly greater distance than those slackers did in Wayne's World. Party on. CURTIS CARTIER 6017 Airport Way S., 762-4777,

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