Best Cannabis Flowers (Best Marijuana)

Afgooey (aka Afgoo)

There's a lot of good cannabis competition in the Puget Sound area, which has only upped the ante when it comes to the coveted title of best marijuana. At local collectives like Green Buddha, Sacred Plant, the Green Door, and the Center for Palliative Care, you're not going to find any "bad" pot—all the strains pack a respectable punch, and it's just a matter of finding the indica or sativa strain that best addresses your symptoms. But for sheer potency, including both a soaring, powerful high and almost immediate pain and nausea relief, you can't beat the 50/50 hybrid Afgooey (aka Afgoo), found at the Tacoma Cannabis Farmers Markets and at many local dispensaries. Afgoo has a fruity smell and a satisfyingly sweet taste, and if it's been awhile since you felt a genuine inner glow, maybe it's time you tried some. STEVE ELLIOTT

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