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Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is a hash oil that is very, very potent—so much so, in fact, that it is used by many cancer patients, not only for symptom relief: Rumor has it the stuff can even shrink tumors. I can report that the oil is very effective for pain and nausea, and also that it is almost impossible to finish a joint that has been treated with it, unless you go to Fweedom Collective, which offers prerolled "Super Joints" which include a generous dose of Simpson. The Super J's ($13.66 apiece, or $10.25 if you donate a canned good for charity) have such a wallop that I was able to finish only half of mine, and then it was bye-bye pain for two hours. Not that you need to be reminded, but don't operate heavy machinery or show up for a job interview after smoking one of these. STEVE ELLIOTT 7027 15th Ave. N.W., 734-9333,

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