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Of all the meals one can order in a restaurant, the breakfast decision is easily the most heart-wrenching. Do you go salty and cheesy with an omelet or a scramble? Classic with eggs and bacon? Sweet with a Belgian waffle or French toast? It's excruciating. So if just ordering breakfast is that difficult, picking the best breakfast joint in Seattle is nearly impossible. Regardless, this year's winner earned its title by delivering the best of all worlds: plate-lickingly delicious food, tip-top service, and an inviting atmosphere. Dish in Frelard has all these things in droves. From the freshly made biscuits and gravy to the thick and peppery bacon to the veggie fare like the Slacker Special tofu scramble and the scones with every meal, Dish covers the basics better than anywhere else in town. CURTIS CARTIER 4358 Leary Way N.W., 782-9985,

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