Best Boxing Gym

White Center's PAL

Every day after school, 30 boys and girls put in two hours of hard work in a hot and cramped room at White Center's PAL so that they might someday grow up to become scientists of the sweet persuasion, that is. Under the tutelage of trainer Tony Rago, the mostly Latino and Asian kids hammer heavy bags, skip rope, and spar in a converted handball court as part of the Police Activities League (PAL). While the gym has had some success in the prestigious Golden Gloves tournament, Rago's goal isn't to discover the next Oscar De La Hoya, but to mentor at-risk youth and keep them out of trouble. As evidence that Rago's exhausting conditioning routine isn't just for kids, two professional fighters also train at the gym, along with former Seahawks cornerback Josh Wilson and University of Washington offensive lineman Greg Christine. KEEGAN HAMILTON 1321 S.W. 102nd St., 763-7525,

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