Best Bike Shop

Aaron's Bicycle Repair

There is only one way to do things at Aaron's Bicycle Repair in West Seattle, and that is Aaron's way. Some shops offer lower prices. Some shops--well, most--offer more bikes and accessories. But Aaron Goss and his colleagues specialize in arcane two-wheeled knowledge and firm opinions. If you're argumentative (or think you know better), you may get into a spirited dialogue. If you're willing to listen, you'll learn a helluva lot--particularly about commuter bikes and internally geared hubs. And the mechanics are truly first-rate. Another plus, while kicking the tires on some of the lovingly reconditioned bikes for sale, are the shop cats, Schrader and Presta (named for the valves on your tires), two very friendly, furry ambassadors guaranteed to smooth over any small disagreement. Brian Miller 6527 California Ave. S.W., 938-9795,

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