Best Beer Selection in a Bar

The Dray

The folks at The Dray in Ballard operate under a simple motto: "No Crap on Tap." So while other beer bars in Seattle offer a wider range of suds, there's still that remote chance that the beer one orders will be skunky, weak, or otherwise disappointing. Not so at The Dray. Every one of its rotating cast of ales, lagers, porters, stouts, IPAs, and Belgians are flawlessly crafted and exceedingly delicious. The bar itself is tiny, and the polished wood interior and squirrel-themed decor only enhance the intimate surroundings. But if cozy isn't your bag, the wide selection of take-home jugs available means that those thoroughly impressed by the booze, but less so by the bar, can take home enough beer to never have to come back. CURTIS CARTIER 708 N.W. 65th St., 453-4527,

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