Best Baby Store

Kym's Kiddy Corner

Given the state of today's economy and the fact that they change sizes every three months, only fools, giddy grandparents, and elitists pay full price for baby stuff. At Kym's Kiddy Corner (which is--ha-ha!--kitty-corner from Display and Costume in Northgate), a little elbow grease can turn second-hand goods into tot treasures. Offering a wide selection of clothing and all the stuff other shopping-savvy parents attempt to track down on Craigslist (Snuggies, potty seats, portable cribs), as well as a small selection of new specialty items, Kym's can provide all the gear you need to bring a baby home, for about the cost of a new stroller. MA'CHELL DUMA LAVASSAR 11721 15th Ave. N.E., 361-5974,

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