Best Antique Store

Pacific Galleries

Pacific Galleries is both an antique store and an auction house, occupying almost an entire square mile (!) of warehouse space in SoDo. Besides its size, what makes Pacific Galleries so special is the creativity with which antiques, reclaimed materials, art, and vintage and even somewhat new items are displayed. You may have no use, or $400, for a cracked, ancient, and incomplete croquet set. But you know what? Based on the way it’s staged in space 24 (the cool-old-wood-stuff booth), it really would look damn fine in your foyer. How awesome would space 83’s (the pop-art booth) flashing, globe-bulbed six-foot “M” look hanging on a wall of your studio apartment? A-month’s-worth-of-rent awesome. And how much do you need that set of apothecary bottles filled with bones of dead things that you saw back at space 15 (the dead-things-and-creepy-old-medical-tools booth)? So bad you might just have to hock Grandma’s ring before checkout. ZIBBY WILDER 241 S. Lander St., 292-3999,

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