Best AM Radio Personality

KJR’s Mitch Levy

KJR's Mitch Levy scores more points when talking about Tony Romo's on-field performance rather than about whom the Dallas quarterback is dating (Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood) or marrying (Candice Crawford). Of course he knows that talking about pretty women brings a vast crowd of heavy breathers, as does The Bigger Dance, his female celeb beauty pageant, and stunts like the bet he made with the Storm's Sue Bird. (Though she later backed off, Bird had agreed that if she made too many turnovers, Levy could spank her on air as she cried out "Harder, Daddy, harder!"). But his sharp commentary and informed interviews often push the dulcet Mitch in the Morning to a higher level, such as his recent chat with former Husky guard Isaiah Thomas who, drawn out by Levy, allowed that an injury to Abdul Gaddy changed his future, moving Thomas into a starring role and, eventually, away from the Hec. RICK ANDERSON

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