Best Twitter Parody

Dino Rossi PR

Faux-Twitter accounts went online almost as soon as the site launched. Fake Sarah Palins, Oprahs, and Steve Jobses started posting hilarious 140-character meditations to the collective joy of the Internet. Dino Rossi PR, operated by the state Democratic Party, has some obvious slams at Patty Murray's opponent. But most are subtle japes at the expense of the man making his third attempt in a statewide election. "New poll shows me significantly ahead of GoodSpaceGuy," reads one tweet. "Has anybody seen my #wasen yard signs? We can't find any," says another, referring to Clint Didier's strong presence on eastern Washington lawns. Whether or not Murray retains her Senate seat this year, her campaign team is the victor when it comes to tweeted hilarity.

Laura Onstot

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