Best Place to Taste Chocolate

Claudio Corallo

Hidden off Westlake Avenue, Claudio Corallo is a chocolate haven for anyone looking to feed a sweet tooth. Inside the small boutique, a flat-screen television displays images of the shop's namesake chocolatier hiking though the jungles of West Africa, where he creates rich treats such as chocolate bars with nibs (crushed cacao) or "sandy" bars that contain crystallized sugar for added crunch. With a counter full of plates offering bite-size samples, it's hard to know where to start, let alone what to bring home. The staff, trained in the history of chocolate and its key components, guides first-timers, whose lips may have tasted little beyond a Baby Ruth, into the realm of artisan chocolate. If you've got a more adventurous palate, be sure to sample Corallo's gengibre (ginger) or laranja (orange) bars. —Lacey Chenault 2122 Westlake Ave., 859-3534

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