Best Pizza Bagel

Blazing Bagels

It sounds like such a good idea, but so often the pizza bagel is a total disappointment. Often what you get is a plain bagel onto which someone has smeared a touch of bland tomato sauce and a few pathetic strips of cheddar cheese. But Redmond-based Blazing Bagels gets it right. The top of the bagel is covered in oregano and other Italian spices. The tomato sauce provides a nice complement. And best of all, the whole thing is so loaded with cheese, it oozes through the hole in the middle. East Coast purists may turn up their noses, but toasted and covered in cream cheese, the Blazing Bagel's pizza bagel is truly the breakfast of champions. You can pick one up at Blazing stores in Redmond, Bellevue, and on the street level at Safeco Field. And Little Rae's Bakery distributes the bagels with its delivery of cookies and other delectables to various coffee shops around the city, as well as all Metropolitan Market locations.—Laura Onstot Various locations, 425-883-1550, [This item has been corrected since it was first published. It originally said the pizza bagels were made by Little Rae's, not just distributed.]

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