Best Indian Restaurant

Taste of India

The distinctive Mughal-style arch and neon roofline of Taste of India exude a thoroughly unique aura, if not a particularly authentic one. And as one of three Indian restaurants on a short stretch of Roosevelt Way (with half a dozen more on nearby University Way), this eatery has to handle menu staples exceptionally well to separate itself from the pack. Luckily for you, they do. Start with an overflowing basket of crispy-edged naan, garlic or spinach-stuffed, and—if the server takes a shine to you—a complimentary vegetarian appetizer. From there, let your stomach be your guide. The menu hosts the usual swath of succulent curries, yogurt-marinated tandooris, and garlicky vindaloos, but they're done better here than just about anywhere in the city. But just because there are no wrong choices doesn't mean there are no right ones, so make sure to give the tender butter chicken a shot. —Nick Feldman 5517 Roosevelt Way N.E., 528-1575

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