Best Guitarist

Jerry Battista

Jerry Battista plays guitar in the Dusty 45s, the Davanos, the Lazyboys, the Jer-Kels, the Battista Brothers, the Two Fifths, and Suicide Jack. By the time you read this, he'll likely have formed another band so that the Tuesday night off that's been keeping his fingers all too idle is filled up. Battista will happily play any venue, from a gorgeous outdoor amphitheatre to the Tractor Tavern to the Little Red Hen to Rimrock Steakhouse's cramped lounge to Mr. Villa's dining room. There's not a genre he can't play, and he'll never let pride get in the way of a steady booking. Take note, young Fender fondlers: This is how you make a living playing guitar. That Battista is extremely good at what he does is gravy on the potatoes. —Mike Seely

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