Best Eco-Friendly Lunch


If you're looking for a green lunch—the eco kind of green, that is—Homegrown should top your list. The Fremont sandwich and salad shop is owned by two 20-something guys, Brad Gillis and Ben Friedman, who take sustainable eating very seriously. Not only do they provide a checklist of ingredients on their wall-sized chalkboard, indicating which are local, organic, and sustainable (the sustainable column has checks all the way down), but everything they give you is 100% compostable and recyclable. You won't find any water bottles there, but you will find local microbrews, wine, and potted plants on every table. You might even see that the sign for the specials has been handwritten on what appears to be a used paper bag. In any other restaurant this might be considered tacky, but here it's adorable. OK, so how's the food? Pretty darn good actually. I recommend the Reuben.—Suzie Rugh

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