Most All-Inclusive Pumpkin Patch

Carleton Farm

Here are all the things your 6-year-old can do at Carleton Farm's pumpkin patch, an admission-free attraction open every weekend in October: Ride in a wheelbarrow to pick out his own pumpkin (classic orange, sugar, white, cinderella, red, and ginormous varieties are all growing in the fields); navigate the corn maze; take a hayride back from the fields, pulled by a genuine farmer driving a genuine tractor; help his parents wash off the future jack-o'-lantern at the pumpkin trough; eat hot dogs and corn on the cob; pick out oddly shaped gourds for craft projects; feed turkeys, goats, and sheep by hand; play in the kid-sized barn; spend a dollar to shoot a pumpkin out a pumpkin cannon into a field; nag parents for another dollar to do it again; nag parents to let him stay another 15 minutes when they get ready to leave; nag parents all the way back to Seattle to return next year.—Jonathan Kauffman

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