Best Wireless Hangouts

This category could just as easily be subtitled "Anywhere but Starbucks," where Wi-Fi costs $10 if you want to buy in just for the day. Conversely, always free and almost always reliable is the Wi-Fi at the many Tully's coffee joints. You can bring your own coffee, park your car on the street outside, and just steal the signal if you're cheap or don't feel like getting dressed. The Tully's on Second Avenue in Pioneer Square is a great spot for hiding away, especially if you can get that single table over in the corner next to an electrical hookup for your laptop; there's ample room to spread out and be left alone. Many other Tully's, including the Queen Anne and Alki stores, have at least one extra-large communal table you can hog or share depending on your mood. There are, of course, likable mom-and-pop and local chain shops (Caffe Appassionato, Victrola, Uptown Espresso, Caffe Ladro and Torrefazione among them) with Wi-Fi and even softer chairs than Tully's. Just avoid that other place until billionaire Howard drops the unnecessary tariff.—Rick Anderson 408 Second Ave. S., 332-0493,

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