Best Way to Stock Your Fridge With Guilt-Inducing Vegetables

OK, so you've decided that your vegetable-eating abilities are up to the challenge: a weekly box delivered to your door, with all sorts of strange, sometimes unidentifiable, greens that entreat you to make something delicious rather than let them languish in the bottom of your fridge. But which consumer-supported agriculture program (CSA) deserves your loyal dollar? This is a commitment. There are several great options, including Tiny's Organic and Full Circle Farms, but for sheer convenience, and the most locally grown produce, Pioneer Organics delivers. With a consortium of farms surrounding Seattle and Portland (where Pioneer also delivers), this CSA offers a flexible program that you can start and stop anytime, box sizes that feed a single person to a large household—and they'll let you add sundries to your produce order. Recipes are provided to help you navigate the offerings.—Adriana Grant 877-632-3424,

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