Best Way to Give Your Boots a New Lease on Life

Some things were built to last. They're hard to come by these days though, what with crappy condos, fiberglass-bodied cars, and $200 denim that blows out in a matter of months. A good pair of cowboy boots should still last a gal a good number of years, though, and my brown beauties with the orange stripe will be with me for at least a few more. Not because of their sturdy construction, however; their longevity is due to the friendly chaps at Broadway Shoe Repair. While I'm not roping or riding (not horses, at least), I wear them hard (almost every day, rain or shine), and the soles have broken ground twice in five years. Each time, the boys slap some new ones on with a wink and a smile. They're always there to right the wrongs of shoddy construction, whether it be a broken heel or a ripped seam. In this day and age, it's nice to know that even if they don't make 'em like they used to, at least there's someone who can fix 'em.—Aja Pecknold 815 E. Republican St., 328-9496.

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