Best Thing About Living Near a QFC Dumpster

To most, crows are loud, obnoxious scavengers. And I admit that I was never fond of them either, until I watched one drag a QFC deli bag out of a Dumpster and, with its claws and beak, tear open the bag, pull out the plastic container inside, pry it open, and feast on the chicken scraps inside. I did a little research and learned that crows are wickedly intelligent animals. Supposedly, we humans gained intelligence out of social necessity. We needed to be fully aware and understand our surroundings in order to prosper. Socializing is how humans and chimpanzees both got such big brains. But a crow—also a highly social creature—has a brain about the size of a chimp's. The New Caledonian crow has even learned how to use tools. I haven't witnessed them using any tool beyond beaks and claws, but I have seen them use their imagination. Another crow, perched on the edge of the QFC Dumpster, was trying to get inside a small bag of chips. Growing frustrated by the depth of the bag, he picked it up by the bottom and threw it to the pavement. The chip crumbs were flung all over the ground, and the crow had itself a feast. I know it doesn't sound like much, but just keep this in mind the next time you see a flock of pigeons gathered brainlessly around bread crumbs.—Brian J. Barr

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