Best Tawdry Scandal

We don't tend to get much in the way of scandal around here, and the scandals we do get tend to revolve around parking spaces. As in, "Gee, the city paid $20 million more than it was supposed to for a new downtown parking garage"; or, "Gee, why do all those City Council members suddenly want new parking spaces for a Lake City strip club?" We rarely get the good New York Post–worthy scandal that we got this year when Jacob Nickels, the son of the mayor, was indicted for allegedly participating in a multistate cheating ring in his job as a pit boss at the Nooksack River Casino. Mayor's son, casino, on the take—what more do you want? Yet even then, it was somehow typically Seattle: kind of sad and small potatoes, with the poor kid accused of being bought off for just $5,000, and the casinos around here being apparently so squeaky clean that when they see signs of cheating, they don't fit the perpetrators with concrete shoes—but immediately call in federal investigators to comb through every aspect of their business.—Mark D. Fefer

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