Best Spot to Snag a Whale

Who the hell wants to go to the gym in the summer? Get off the Stairmaster and enjoy our cornucopia of ass-kicking hills, and by all means get out of that 80 percent water, 20 percent chlorine and go enjoy the refreshing salt water of West Seattle's Colman Pool. The pool sits on an outcropping right on the beach, with unobstructed views from Vashon to the Olympics and north. Afternoons are open for public swimming, while noontime and early evenings are reserved for lap swim. Don't worry about being in swim-team shape; lanes are designated fast, medium, and slow. The fast lane may help burn more calories, but taking it nice and easy with a sidestroke in the slow lane milks the view.—Maggie Dutton 8603 Fauntleroy Way S.W., 684-7494,

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