Best Soup So Spicy It Inspires Hallucinations

A few years ago, my entire spicy-food-loving family went to Typhoon for dinner, and we ordered the Tom Yung Goong soup as an appetizer, not expecting it to be the highlight of the meal. After slurping as much of the prawn- and mushroom-laden broth as possible, my brother's girlfriend looked at me and said, "Do the walls look like they're moving to you, too?" I don't know if it was the mushrooms in the soup or the extreme brain swelling due to spiciness, but I swear the dark wood walls of the restaurant appeared to be breathing in and out. Years later, it is still this soup that I associate with Typhoon, and that I order every time I need to clear out my brain through my sinuses.—Maggie Mertens 1400 Western Ave., 262-9797; 8936 161st Ave. N.E., Redmond, 425-558-7666;

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