Best Soft-Serve Ice-Cream Cone

Given a chance, this city will fancy-up anything. Take ice cream, for instance. You go into these urban ice-cream joints like Mix and Cold Stone Creamery, and it's no longer about eating ice cream, it's about the experience! You get to pick your toppings and what flavor ice cream, then you get to watch underpaid teenagers chop it up on a cold stone with metal spoons and serve it to you in a cup. Sometimes, however, I just want a plain, soft-serve vanilla ice-cream cone. I searched all over this city and came up short. Thankfully, in the past year, I discovered Danny's Wonder Freeze in the Pike Place Market. It's the little nook in the wall across from the big newsstand. It offers a zero-bullshit, straight-up vanilla cone for under two bucks that is absolutely perfect in its simplicity.—Brian J. Barr 97 Pike St.

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