Best Ridiculous Rumor Involving a Reunited Grunge Band

Temple of the Dog playing a one-off reunion show at the Crocodile? Jesus. I don't know what was more ridiculous: the fact that this rumor—which circulated in June—existed, or the fact that people were actually excited about it. This was Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell's "tribute" project to the late Andrew Wood, singer of Mother Love Bone. It boasted former MLB members Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, as well as future Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron. I mean, I know that right now is a big era for seminal bands to reunite (Mission of Burma, the Stooges, the Verve), but c'mon, Seattle. If you're gonna get a rumor going like this, make it a good one. How about a Green River reunion? Now, that I'd like to see. Or, even better, a reunion of the original Tad lineup. Hell yeah. Real steamrolling, knuckle-dragging grunge rock!—Brian J. Barr

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