Best Rebirthing Experience You Can Have on a Bike

While girls have to navigate the Machiavellian world of Queen Bees and Wannabes, making friends among the rougher sex is a bit simpler. Basically, dudes bond through competition. It doesn't really matter what it is or what's at stake; if someone's keeping score, it counts. And when said dudes unleash themselves from their better halves for a night out, they follow a fairly predictable script, which usually includes the rehashing of glory days. For that final act, there are few better places to retire to than Canterbury Ale and Eats on Capitol Hill. The Chaucer-evoking decor feels manly, the Naugahyde seats are old and comfortable, and there's a bevy of parlor games to suit any drunk's fancy: darts, shuffleboard, pool, pinball machines, video games, and foosball. There are plenty of TVs to get caught up on the night's scores, and don't neglect the jukebox, packing all the sing-along power ballads you could want. Bonus: Ask nicely and the bartender will produce decks of cards and clay poker chips (none of that cheap plastic crap).—Huan Hsu 534 15th Ave. E., 322-3130.

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