Best Radio Station to Listen to in the Shower

Things you'll hear on Movin 92.5: "Music from today, and music from back in your school days!" Damn, is O.P.P. really 16 years old?? "We just downloaded 40 more songs for you!" Shameless automatons! "Hey, at least we're Movin'!" Good one, make fun of your captive, gridlocked audience. "It's Saturday, we're broadcasting down here from Cowgirls Inc.!" Oh, no. "Call to win the cruise to Mexico!" Oh, yes! Plus: way too many commercials for diamond hucksters. This Bellevue-based chain station's demo is women aged 25–44, and the attendant marketing crap—like presuming we're all getting engaged or constantly planning our "vacays"—makes listening for long periods of time a challenge. But tune in for 20 minutes each morning, and you'll be forever up to date with current pop music, while also getting to hear stuff like Jade's "Don't Walk Away" and Wreckx-N-Effect's "Rumpshaker." When I got my KEXP shower radio I wanted to be faithful, but they hit me with Grandaddy and the Decemberists while I was trying to get my rosemary-mint-scented wake-up on. Sorry, but "I'm on Standby" isn't going to get me moving anywhere but back to bed.—Rachel Shimp

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