Best Quickie on the Water

Don't have a rich friend with a boat? Can't fathom an afternoon cheese-fest on the Duck? The Electric Boat Company can give you a ride. No, seriously, they will give you one of their 21-foot-long cruising boats for less than $100 an hour. Divide the cost between 10 or 12 people, and a mere pittance allows you to set sail, sorta. Bring your own provisions and a designated captain. The two-hour minimum is plenty of time to cruise the extended perimeter of Lake Union. See the oddly beautiful industrial backside of the Fremont canal, peep into houseboats, or play chicken with the Duck! Kidding. Obviously, I don't wish to encourage roughhousing with other watercraft. Oh, but if only to hear the mellifluous sound of 40 panicky kazoos.—Maggie Dutton 2046 Westlake Ave. N., 223-7476,

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